Saturday, May 26, 2012

Win A Wii U

Win a Nintendo Wii U

E3 2012 is coming soon, so very soon, and is holding a contest where you can win your very own Wii U when it's finally released later this year. To see the full article and how you could win Nintendo's new console, click here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(Rumor) StarFox Metroid Crossover?

StarFox and Metroid Crossover video game for the wii u
StarFox Assult mock box art for Wii U

A rumor is spreading across the net that Retro Studios is working on a StarFox and Metroid crossover game for the Wii U. Even though it may sound good at first the rumored plot doesn't appeal to me.

The plot of this rumored StarFox and Metroid title is that StarFox goes into deep space and crash into Samus's ship, Samus falls to a nearby planet and loses all her powers. She then has to go around the planet for some reason while trying to restore her abilities.

The game switches off between controlling Samus and Fox. When controlling Fox you are apparently trying to get to the planet, from what I heard anyways.

I tend to dislike when developers try to make two games at one like this because usually they both end up suffering, even if one of them turns out to be good because it's with the other it ends up being hated, such as Sonic Unleashed for the Wii which had awesome day levels but because of the night Werehog levels people tend to throw hate at it.

Shigeru Miyamoto Wins the Spain's Prince of Asturias Prize

Shigeru Miyamoto With Mario & Luigi
Shigeru Miyamoto is still the best when it comes to designing video games as he now adds the Spain's Prince of Asturias Prize to his trophy case.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind the Mario and Zelda series as well as many others from Nintendo, has recently won Spain's Prince of Asturias Prize. This annual prize is given to those around the world who have made notable achievements in the sciences, humanities, and public affairs

Shigeru Miyamoto was given the award for turning video games into the medium it is today, a medium capable of bringing people together regardless of who they are or where there from. Miyamoto was also praised for excluding violence from his creations.

Shigeru Miyamoto now has a new trophy for his work in video games as he adds his Prince of Asturias Prize for communications and humanities to his collection.