Saturday, May 26, 2012

Win A Wii U

Win a Nintendo Wii U

E3 2012 is coming soon, so very soon, and is holding a contest where you can win your very own Wii U when it's finally released later this year. To see the full article and how you could win Nintendo's new console, click here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(Rumor) StarFox Metroid Crossover?

StarFox and Metroid Crossover video game for the wii u
StarFox Assult mock box art for Wii U

A rumor is spreading across the net that Retro Studios is working on a StarFox and Metroid crossover game for the Wii U. Even though it may sound good at first the rumored plot doesn't appeal to me.

The plot of this rumored StarFox and Metroid title is that StarFox goes into deep space and crash into Samus's ship, Samus falls to a nearby planet and loses all her powers. She then has to go around the planet for some reason while trying to restore her abilities.

The game switches off between controlling Samus and Fox. When controlling Fox you are apparently trying to get to the planet, from what I heard anyways.

I tend to dislike when developers try to make two games at one like this because usually they both end up suffering, even if one of them turns out to be good because it's with the other it ends up being hated, such as Sonic Unleashed for the Wii which had awesome day levels but because of the night Werehog levels people tend to throw hate at it.

Shigeru Miyamoto Wins the Spain's Prince of Asturias Prize

Shigeru Miyamoto With Mario & Luigi
Shigeru Miyamoto is still the best when it comes to designing video games as he now adds the Spain's Prince of Asturias Prize to his trophy case.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind the Mario and Zelda series as well as many others from Nintendo, has recently won Spain's Prince of Asturias Prize. This annual prize is given to those around the world who have made notable achievements in the sciences, humanities, and public affairs

Shigeru Miyamoto was given the award for turning video games into the medium it is today, a medium capable of bringing people together regardless of who they are or where there from. Miyamoto was also praised for excluding violence from his creations.

Shigeru Miyamoto now has a new trophy for his work in video games as he adds his Prince of Asturias Prize for communications and humanities to his collection.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

5 Things You May Not Know About Pikachu

Pikachu is known as the mascot for the entire Pokemon franchise, but do you know these things about him?
Pikachu Pokemon

1. Pikachu is an electric rodent Pokemon

2. Pikachu was the main attraction to Pokemon Yellow

3. Their have been two different Pikachu balloons for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

4. Pikachu are only native to the Kanto region, although they have been introduced in other select areas

5. Their are 63 non-reprint Pikachu Pokemon cards in the Pokemon TCG

Friday, April 27, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Chapters in Kid Icarus Uprising

Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS is an amazing game. With great levels and some good voice acting, yes a Nintendo title with good voice acting, it’s currently my most favorite game. Now with so many great levels, called chapters, it was tough picking my top 5 favorite ones, but I managed in the end. So let's get to the countdown.

Warning, Spoiler Alert!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Super Mario Bros 2 For 3DS

New Super Mario Bros 2

It seems that the Super Mario title coming to the 3DS is going to be a sidescroller called New Super
Mario Bros 2. This bit of news is from Nintendo UK and Nintendo Europe, but it still kind of surprises me. I thought the 3DS title would be a 3D roaming like Super Mario 3D Land and not a sidescroller. This one could actually be the one based on the Super Mario Bros Mii Demo shown last year for the Wii U
New Super Mario Bros 2

New Super Mario Bros 2 is a bit of a strange title to me as it's actually the third in the series behind New Super Mario Bros Wii.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Someday Miyamoto Will Retire

Shigeru Miyamoto

It’s not a question of whether or not gaming legend Shigeru Miyamoto will retire it’s a question of when. He’s had a great career, but he’s now 60 and Nintendo must prepare for when he finally retires.  He’s still working hard on games but he’s letting others try and show what they can do, for its these people who will take over when he leaves.

It’s gonna be a sad day when Miyamoto retires, but it’s not only Nintendo that has to prepare. We gamers have to prepare for this as well. I just hope someone new will rise to fill the gap he’ll leave behind.

Two Mario Games Confirmed

Mario Wii U, Mario 3DS, Super Mario 4
So we now have it confirmed by Nintendo that two Mario games are in development, one for the Wii U and one for the 3DS. It’s also been confirmed that the Wii U one will be based on the Super Mario Bros. Mii demo shown at last year’s E3 2011.

We also know that one of them will probably be named Super Mario 4, but it’s only announced so the title may change, and it hasn’t been announced to be shown at E3 2012 but it probably will. However I don’t know why they would choose that title as I can only imagine it referencing the old Super Mario Brothers series on the NES. I doubt it’s the Wii U Mario as that one would be the third in the New Super Mario Brothers series.

So Super Mario 4 could be the 3DS Mario title but I still don’t follow the title. Something I noticed that other sites did not is that it’s Super Mario 4 not Super Mario Bros. 4 so this might not even have much to do with the NES series. 

Anyways, since it’s looking like the Wii U will be having a side scrolling Mario the 3DS will probably be a 3D free roaming Mario.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wii U Rumored To Cost $300

Wii U Controller, Wii U Console

I recent saw an article that says that Nintendo’s upcoming home console could cost about $300 dollars. This info comes from an anonymous source with close ties to Nintendo and believes to know how much the console will cost to manufacture.

The total estimated manufacturing cost of the Wii U console (includes cost of controller) is about $180. This seems pretty decent to me, but I know many people want to know how much they would have to pay for a second controller if theirs gets busted. Well the bill to manufacture the controller is no more than $50, but that’s not its retail price so we’ll just have to guess that price for now, maybe around $70-$80 in stores.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

List of 3DS Games I own

    I currently have 9 Nintendo 3DS titles in my video game library. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Pilotwings Resort
    This was one of the games released with the handheld and the first game I got for it. It’s a simple flying game using different means to transverse the skies. These methods include a plane, a jetpack, and a hang glider.
    It’s an okay game but I would have preferred more locations than just Wuhu Island to explore. The graphics are pretty good and the 3D effect comes out nicely, but if you already flew around the island in Wii Sports Resort then there isn’t much to see and explore. I actually prefer the Nintendo 64 version over this one.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adorable Pikachu Plush Toy

Today I bring you an adorably cute Pikachu plush toy. The Pokemon plush is being sold by on their website. If you don’t have a cute Pikachu plush then why not take this opportunity to get one of the cutest Pokemon plush on the market.

This Pikachu plush is 6 inches tall and is one of the cutest things you may ever see.

                                                   Pokemon Pikachu Plush 6"
                                                                                        Check out this adorable mini Pikachu plush.

Pikachu plush, Pokemon Plush

Every one loves a Pikachu Plush, so why not own a Pikachu Plush?

They have more then just the Pikachu plush so don't forget to look around their store.

Monday, April 2, 2012

When Do Video Games Stop Being Owned By Their Companies

I’ve recently been hearing about people raging about the end of a certain popular series. This game called Mass Effect is from what I heard it’s a game where the decisions you make will determine what will happen in the game, sort of like those old choose your own adventure books.

The complaints seem to come from their not being enough different endings or something like that, and people want to make their own. The problem with that is that the only way to do that is to do the coding and everything else to do so. As games can only do what their coded to do and every single possibility has to be coded differently, it’s impossible to make a ending for every person who buys the game.

But people are still raging even starting fundraisers to protest, they say that since they played through the 3 games and made their own decisions that they should have their own endings the way they want!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kid Icarus: Uprising Prototype Gameplay Video

I'm the kind of person who like to see how video games are created, so looking at concept art and beta gameplay is very interesting to me.

Today while searching though the gaming news on Digg, I came across this prototypes version of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Source of the video;

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Addressing the Power Rumors of the Wii U

nintendo wii u + wii controller + touch screen controller + wii touch screen

It’s been several months since Nintendo officially revealed the Wii U at E3 2011 last year, and well, it’s hard to say if the criticism has been good. It seems that the developers who have gotten their hands on the dev kits used to make the games for the new console can’t make up their minds over how powerful the console is. Some say it’s as powerful as its competitors the Xbox 360 and PS3 while others say it’s either slightly less powerful or more powerful than them.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kid Icarus Uprising: My First Day Experience With The Game

Kid Icarus Upring title logo 3ds handheld video game

Kid Icarus Upring nintendo 3ds handheld
Before I begin I must first tell you this isn’t a review, it’s more of me talking about my first day playing the game and how I felt about it. Because of I just got the game yesterday the excitement factor has yet to die down yet.

Kid Icarus Uprising is finally here, and I got my copy from Amazon yesterday and played quite a bit of it, getting all the way past chapter 10. Each chapter contains three segments always starting with a flying segment where you shoot down enemies. After that you move on to a land battle segment where you shoot and melee your opponents trying to make your way through a temple or town. The final segment is an intense boss battle against powerful foes.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Top Five Favorite Pokemon

Originally posted on chibi creations, this article has been uploaded here as well. I uploaded it here because this is my Nintendo related blog and chibi creations is my art blog.

5. Garchomp
Garchomp dragon ground pokemon

What do you get when you cross a European dragon and a hammerhead shark? You may just get a Pokemon known as Garchomp.

Garchomp is the final form of Gible after evolving from a Gabite at level 48. It has both Dragon and Ground attributes and a lot of power to go with it. Although it can't actually learn Fly it can actually fly as seen in the anime, It's Poke'dex entry also confirms this.

Garchomp And pokemon champion CynthiaI like Garchomp not only for it's tough appearance but also because it's a part ground type, even though that does remove most of it's resistances.

Garchomp was also the main battling Pokemon of Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh region.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

E3 Is Coming Soon; Let's Make Some Predictions

Nintendo E3 2012

The biggest gaming event is coming soon, and I can hardly wait. To past the time I'm going to make some predictions. This is just for some fun and not to be taken seriously.

Let's start off with the Nintendo Wii; to go out with a bang they'll announce that they'll release one final game for it. This game will be another Wii Sports, but will include new sports like; cricket and skateboarding. In order to play some of the games like skateboarding, you'll need a Wii Balance Board. The locations of the game will be Wuhu Island, Crescent Island and Little States, the last two being modified versions of locations in PilotWings 64.

Why No Pokemon MMO?

original starter pokemon generation 1 kanto region
Image by Batistick13 on DeviantArt

Since its debut back on the original Game Boy, Pokemon has become an international icon expanding further than anyone would imagine. This series has spanned across multiple generations of handhelds with its simple “Gotta Catch Em All” style of gaming, also spawning a Japanese anime that’s still going on, and tons of merchandise.

When Pokemon was first released MMO (Mass Multiplayer Online) wasn’t even around yet, even when MMOs finally did come around we knew we wouldn’t see a Pokemon MMO as we knew home consoles couldn’t handle those things at the time. We also knew Nintendo wouldn’t go and make one for computers, they were too busy making top tier titles for their home consoles and they wouldn’t let some other company just take one of their franchises to do whatever they wanted, not after what happened with the Phillips CDi.

We had to put our desire for a Pokemon MMO adventure away for years (decades in video game years). Soon after the Wii was released and we got a feel for its online ability, are desire for a Pokemon MMO had returned. We then started going on how a Pokemon MMO would be the greatest thing ever, and we started to beg Nintendo to make one! Unfortunately we all knew that the Wii still wasn’t powerful enough to handle an MMO, it could barely handle the online games it already had.

Since it has been so long, the younger games wondered why they didn’t just have it made for computers. These young gamers were unaware of the atrocity of the Zelda CDi games that Phillips created. We more experience in the history of video games had to tell the tales of the dreaded CDi to them, and how Nintendo couldn’t just make a game for computers. This left the young gamers depressed over how what could be the greatest game, may never come to be.
pokemon mmo wii u nintendo online gaming

But now it’s 2012, and Nintendo has revealed a new home console, the Wii U, with more power than before. They even announced they are working hard on a better online line feature, one that could compete with the online features of its competitors.

Could this be the console we’ve been waiting for?

Does the Wii U have what it takes to run a Pokemon MMO?

Is a Pokemon MMO already in development?

Are they even considering a Pokemon MMO?

These are just some of the questions we have been asking ourselves. We just don’t know, but what we do know, our desire for a Pokemon MMO has never been stronger.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Legendary Tale of the Legend of Zelda Series (Part 1) the Original

One of my favorite game series is the Legend of Zelda, which started on February 21, 1986 on the Japanese home console the Famicom with the Disk System peripheral and later released on the North American console the Nintendo Entertainment System on July 29, 1987. The first game in the series is simply known as the Legend of Zelda in the States and The Hyrule Fantasy: Legend of Zelda.

The original Zelda title was groundbreaking in its time as one of the first games to have an internal battery save feature and it was needed as the game wasn’t made to be beaten in a single play session. It was also known for its complex dungeons and numerous secrets that were able to drive players of the time insane. People who had the game had to seek each other out in the real world to share their knowledge of the secrets of the game as you couldn’t look it up on the internet in those days.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Struggling Success, the First Year of the 3DS

portable handheld console

Everyone makes mistakes but it seems that a lot of companies won’t admit it when they make them, this ends up driving a lot of people mad when they do this. It’s good to know that some companies will admit when they do, Nintendo is one such company.

The latest mistake Nintendo has made was with their new portable handheld the 3DS. When it was released March 2011, it went for the high price of $250 which seemed pretty high to a lot of people, but Nintendo and a few of its followers, including myself, were sure that the portable device would be able to live up to the high cost.

Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned for the 3DS, Nintendo was able to get people excited for its portable device with all the third party support the 3DS was getting, hardly any of them had titles at the consoles release. Even Nintendo themselves didn’t have much for software release to go with it, which caused many customers to hold back on buying the handheld.

Those that did buy the 3DS were stuck with a mediocre library of games for the next few months.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pichu; Chibi Pokedex Entry

Pichu; Chibi Pokedex Entry

Pichu Spring by ~CarinaT on deviantART
Pichu is a tiny mouse Pokemon and is the pre evolved form of the series mascot Pikachu. Despite its small size it can release bursts of electricity to shock even shock human. However, Pichu are unskilled at controlling their electricity and can sometimes accidently release it when surprised or startled. Because Pichu haven’t got much experience with their electricity they often shock themselves when they use it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nintendo Giving Away 3 Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards To Club Nintendo Members

Kid Icarus Uprising AR cards free
Nintendo is giving away 3 Kid Icarus Uprising AR cards to Nintendo Club members through their official site and guess what you can sign up for free.

The 3 AR cards you’ll get are;

 Great Reaper
 Drill Arm
 Palutena (rare)

Get them fast, supplies are limited.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Donkey Kong and Kirby May Be Heading To the 3DS

Donkey Kong Country 3d Kirby 3d
Donkey Kong and Kirby! I hope they come.

I have recently read some articles saying that Donkey Kong and Kirby may have some games coming to the 3DS, although these are just rumors but I would love them to be true.

From what I heard Nintendo is always trying stuff out with Kirby, most of which never get far. They even tried a 3D roaming experiment but I heard it didn’t do well, although I would love to see one like that, perhaps they were able to make it work on the 3DS, that’ll be nice.

As for the Donkey Kong one, I would love something similar to Donkey Kong 64. I loved exploring the 3 dimensional worlds that Rare came out with, too bad Rare left Nintendo so we could never get a sequel to it.

Yeah I would love these things to be true, but since these are only rumors they might not happen.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy 90th Ralph H. Baer (The Father of Video Games)

Ralph Baer
Happy 90th Ralph H. Baer (The Father of Video Games)

That’s right, the father of video games Ralph Baer, who invented the Odyssey (the first home console), turned 90 last Thursday.  

He started development of the “Brown Box” and several other video game prototypes in 1966 for the defense-electronics company Sanders Associates. It was then licensed to Magnavox in 1971, and was renamed the Magnavox Odyssey before being released to the public in 1972.

Even though for a time it was Sanders most profitable line, it still had many obstacles to go through. Video games at the time were a new thing, and many people didn’t know what to make of it, game development was even looked down upon be many people in the company.

Magnavox Odyssy Overlays
Magnavox Odyssey Overlays
Even though the graphics were practically nonexistent, using overlays that cover the TV screen, the video game “fad” had started. No one back then could have predicted were that so called “fad” would lead to, as it turned out, it led to a great place.

Now video games and computers are so advanced, Ralph Baer’s Magnavox Odyssey is but a distant memory, but a memory that will live on in the hearts of gamers forever.

Thanks Ralph H. Baer for helping start the video game craze.

Ralph Baer
He Deserves That Medal


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nintendo Sells 4.5 Million 3DS Units In It's First Year

It may of started out weak, but Nintendo's newest handheld the 3DS has sold 4.5 million hardware units in it's first year. That's quite an amazing feat, as the DS only sold 2.37 million in it's first year.

At first it looked bad for Nintendo as they struggled to sell there newest console, finally having to cut the price to increase sales, but after awhile the bigger games started to come out and it started selling fast.

Nintendo 3DS
This is a 3DS
With many more first and third party titles on the way, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says that he expects a bright future for the glasses free 3D handheld. He also stated that there just getting started and that the platform was build for the long haul.

Some of the titles that helped boost sales where Mario Kart 7, Super Mario Land 3D, Monster Hunter 3G, as well as many others. With even more great title on the way it doesn't seem like this little system will stop any time soon.

The 3DS was released on March 27, 2011 so we got about two and a half weeks before it's first birthday.

The Nintendo 3DS also managed to sell 9 million software titles in it's first year, beating the DS's 5 million. Although even with the success of the console there are still people bashing on the success.

5 Super Mario videos you should watch

Mario: Game Over

Mario and Peach are having some problems after moving to the real world.

Mega Man Legends 3 Project, What It Is And What Happened

About Mega Man Legends 3 Project
Title Logo

Mega Man Legends 3, known as Rockman Dash 3 in Japan, was announced by Capcom to come to Nintendo's 3DS handheld. It was to be developed not just by Capcom but by fans as well using the internet. There aim was to get players more involved in the development process by letting fans vote on things such as character designs and enemies to be used for the game.

Mega Man Aero Concept
Aero's Concept Art
It was indeed an interesting experiment, Capcom even prepared a demo called Mega Ma Legends 3 Prototype Version that was going to be a download title from the Nintendo eshop. Capcom said that they would use the profit from the sales of this demo to create the game, however neither the game or the demo were released.

On July 18, 2011 Capcom announced that the project was canceled, which disappointed a large number of fans who were looking forward to the game. Capcom said this was because they believed that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project had failed because not enough fans participated in the online Dev rooms.

Many fans didn't think this was an adequate reason to cancel the game and started a petition to get the game created. However the smarter fans knew that that wouldn't be of much use as that would only show who wants the game, not who are willing to help make the game. You see the projects goal was to get fans more involved with the development process, not to create a game.

However even though the project seemed to fail, Capcom could of done a little more such as say they needed more participants in the Dev rooms, and they could of still released the demo. Although I'm just speculating, Capcom probably understands more about this then we do.

Whatever the case the Mega Man Legends 3 Project has failed, but that doesn't mean we'll never get the game, we just won't get it from this.
Roll Tron Aero
Roll, Aero, and Tron
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Posts Made During The Past Week, February 26 To March 3

Weekly Update

Added Music Section
Added two songs to Music Section

Blog Posts

Which Pokemon Generation has the best starters? Poll

10 Future Nintendo Headlines In 2012
>New Pokemon Title Not What You Expect
>>I was close

Physical Copy Verses Digital Download

3DS Continues To Outsell PSP Vita In Japan

Recent Video Game Rumors

Recent Video Game Rumors

There has been quite a few rumors this past week, but instead of posting short posts about them individually, I decided to post them at the end of the week in one post.

Wii U Power Rumor

During the week I heard two different rumors about Nintendo's upcoming Wii U. The first is that it may not be as powerful as we thought, saying it will be almost as powerful as the Xbox 360 and PS3. The other saying it's twice as powerful as the Xbox 360.

Since developers of computers are able to double the processing speed of computers every few years, I'd have to say the second one to be more believable. 

We should probably just wait until Nintendo give the official word though.

 Wii U Price Rumor

This rumor says that the price for the Wii U will be $299 in America and 20,000 yen in Japan. It seemed good at first and I even believed it as accurate, until I read another blog post saying that it didn't make since. 20,000 yen is about $250 in the States, which doesn't add up as Nintendo sells there consoles at higher prices in Japan the here. Although $299 still sounds like a good price to me (I don't want to have to pay a fortune for a new home console).

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3DS Continues to outsell PSP Vita In Japan

3DS Continues To Outsell PSP Vita In Japan
Nintendo's 3DS handheld continues to dominate the charts in Japan. With 4 titles on the list below it's looking good for Nintendo's new handheld. In contrast Sony may have more titles on the list but only 3 of them are on the PSP.
  1. [PSP] Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave
  2. [3DS] Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin
  3. [PS3] Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm Generation
  4. [PSP] I Don’t Have Many Friends Portable
  5. [PS3] Asura’s Wrath
  6. [PSP] Nendoroid Generation
  7. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
  8. [3DS] Mario Kart 7
  9. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G
  10. [PS3] The Idolmaster: Gravure For You! Vol.5
Well the 3DS may or may not be winning by a large margin in the software category, but when it comes to selling the consoles themselves there is no place to argue with the 3DS.
  • Nintendo 3DS: 76,322
  • PlayStation 3: 27,111
  • PSP: 15,928
  • PlayStation Vita: 11,186
  • Wii: 7,878
  • Nintendo DS: 1,639
  • Xbox 360: 1,508
  • PlayStation 2: 1,269
 (My source for this article)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Analysis; Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screenshots Vol. 2

Continuing from the last Analysis, we have more screenshots from Sonic 4 Episode 2. If you wish to read the first Volume then click here.

Sonic 4 episode 2 screenshot
Night at the Aquatic Ruins Zone
1. One Shield Two Heroes
In this screenshot from Sonic 4 Episode 2 we have Sonic and Tails in what looks to be a shield of some sort, but when I took a closer look it seemed more like a graphical effect caused while doing a combo move. I've come to this conclusion do to both characters being in there (which is unusual for a shield in the Sonic Series) and it looks more like a speed effect caused by super fast spinning when looked at closely.

2. Aquatic Ruins Zone At Night
I already talked about the Aquatic Ruins  Zone graphic look last time and here we see it again, this time at night or possibly late evening. A similar thing happened in Sonic 4

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Analysis; Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screenshots Vol. 1

Thanks to Destructoid super-sleuth Jim Sterling we got some nice screenshots of the upcoming Sonic 4 Episode 2. I'm not just going to show you them, I'm also gonna analyze them.

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Aquatic Ruins Zone
Purple Sonic? Lighting effect or glitch?
 1. The Tornado
Impossible to miss is the Tornado, Sonic's Bi-plane. Even though it's Sonic's plane it's usually his buddy Tails (real name Miles Prower), although it's probably safe to say it's his now since he's always maintaining it and has it at his workshop (though never mentioned, Sonic still probably gave it to him at some point).

2. Purple Sonic
This is probably the second thing you noticed, a Purple Sonic! I am very sure this is just a lighting effect and not a palette glitch, probably due to the location of the sun. Upon a closer you can see that part of him is still blue, although I'm not really sure why. It could be that whatever lighting effect is going on isn't effecting his leg due to it's position or it could be a program glitch.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sega Confirms Sonic & Sega All Star Racing Sequeal

Sonic & Sega All Star Racing, Does Sonic really need a car?

It seems Sega is actually making a squeal to Sonic & Sega All Star Racing. It hasn't been confirmed for a Nintendo console yet but I decided that I'll post about it anyways.

Why does Sonic even need a car? I would actually prefer a squeal to Sonic R, at least he was able to run in that game.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No DVD/Blu-ray Support on Wii U

Wii U DVD and Blu-ray
Wii U Does Not Play DVD or Blu-Ray

Nintendo has reconfirmed that the Wii U will not have DVD or Blu-ray support, This is actually understandable. The biggest issue is Nintendo always does there best to cut cost and adding such a capability to there console would make the console cost more (probably 50 bucks more). You could use that money you save from it not having the support to actually buy a separate one, and that'
s assuming you already don't have a device capable of doing so.

Nintendo DLC, Is it True?

Yes, Nintendo is actually considering adding DLC (DownLoad Content) for some of there games. This come from an article on

From other articles I've read, Nintendo has stated that they will not release unfinished games that make you have to pay for DLC to get the rest of the game.

Perhaps I'll create a list of things I want as download content.

Nintendo Network More Than A Re-branding

Nintendo Network
More then just Nintendo Wifi

In an earlier post I mentioned that the upcoming Nintendo Network that's set to replace the Nintendo Wifi Connection was just a re-branding with few updates. This has since been proven to be false. In recent articles the Nintendo Network will have much more to offer, although almost all information is still being kept secret by Nintendo we have herd that this new network will be supporting DLC (Download Content).

We'll probably have to wait for E3 2012 till we get the real news though.

Nintendo Legend Shigeru Miyamoto Looking For Next Hit Seires

Shigeru Miyamoto Nintendo new series
Miyamoto Looking For Next Hit

One of the latest bits of news from Nintendo is the legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto is looking for the next big series. Now finding a hit series isn't an easy thing to do, but this legendary man has created big names before. Such names as Super Mario and Zelda are only a few of his masterpieces, not to mention he helped created many others that launched big time.

With Nintendo having problems lately Shigeru Miyamoto whose been the driving force of Nintendo (and possibly indirectly other video game companies) has stated that he believes the company must invest and develop it's way back to making a profit.

“Developing big hit titles must be the solution,” He told investors.

But with all the series Nintendo already has, what could they possibly come up with next. It may take some time but I'm confident if anyone could find such a new series it would be Shigeru Miyamoto.

Fan Trailer For Next Zelda On Wii U

Recently people and websites have been talking about a recent Zelda Fan Trailer that's been posted on YouTube. Although the trailer is interesting and fun to watch, the concepts used would be impossible for a good video game. In fact I'd same it's more suited to be a movie/anime with what was shown.

When I first watched it I was thinking it would be more of a possibility or a new Zelda video game. However the environments didn't look good to me and it seemed to play like a sidescroller than the normal Zelda titles. That's not to say that a sidescrolling Zelda is a bad thing, Zelda 2 The Adventure Of Link was an awsome game, but with the graphics used and the way Link went through them made me feel that if they made a Zelda title like this it would be more like a revamp of The legend of Zelda The Faces Of Evil on the Philips Cdi.

Yes I said it, I don't feel the concept of what was shown in the video to be Zelda worthy and is more suited to be a Cdi Zelda based on the Wind Waker Link. However when I think about it as a video and not a game it can be pretty inspiring as an animated series or a movie.

So in all this Fan Trailer is good as a video but not a game.

Friday, January 27, 2012

New 2D Mario SideScroller Announced

Mario Coming Back for another Sidescrolling Adventure

Nintendo has recently announced that they are working on a new 2D sidescroller Mario title for the 3DS. Since it's a 2D Mario sidescroller it will most likely be under the New Super Mario Bros. title.

Now they did say 2D Mario but that doesn't mean it won't take effect of the 3D screen, so there could still be some 3D graphics involved, but if any are added it would just be for show (most likely).

Now I love me some sidescrolling Mario, but the last one Super Mario Bros. Wii didn't do it for me (probably that one was designed for multiplayer in mind), although I did like the Propeller Cap power up (best flight power up ever).

Nintendo plans to release this new Mario adventure sometime in the next fiscal year, which is between March 2012 and March 2013.

Nintendo's Console the Wii U may be changing it's name

It seems a lot of people aren't liking Nintendo's choice of name for the Wii U, and it seems Nintendo may be doing something about it.

When Nintendo revealed the name at last years E3, they told people that they chose the name Wii U because they were hoping people would notice it better without being pushed away by how different it was(or something like that), but it seems it has instead confused some people. Some think that it's like some sort of add on for the Wii and don't know that it's a completely new console. This seems to be the same case for the 3DS as people think that's just a new model.

I actually have to side with changing the name of the Wii U. I know it's a new console to be released later this year, but the name really isn't good. I understand want they wanted with the name, trying to keep it simple and say that it's for the player (which is what the U stood for), but it doesn't have that new console sound.

So tell me, what do you think they should rename the console too?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hulu Plus is still coming to the 3DS

Hulu Plus is the network that allows you to watch many different TV shows online. It was supposed to have released a version where you could use it with your 3DS in late 2011, but it hasn't happened. They still say they would come to the 3DS, we just don't know when.

Two series that have been release on Hulu are, Super Mario Super Show and The Legend of Zelda the Animated Series. Although these two shows don't hold up well today they were great in their day. Super Mario Super Show was once the most watched cartoon in America, so if you haven't seen these shows give them a look see.

Super Mario Super Show                                        Zelda Animated Series

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nintendo Network may just be a rebranding of Nintendo Wifi Connection

For the past few days people were wondering what the Nintendo Network was and if it will replace the old Nintendo Wifi Connection with something better.

Well a Nintendo customer service representative said this:

     Nintendo WFC (Wi-Fi Connection) and Nintendo Network are one and the same. This is not to be confused with any other network or connection as our servers are integrated to one another. 

 So it now seems like this is just a re-branding of the "Nintendo Wifi Connection", though we won't know until we get an official word from Nintendo.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rumor; Nintendo Network to replace Nintendo Wifi Connection

Nintendo Network to replace Nintendo Wifi Connection

The Nintendo Network is supposedly the name of Nintendo's improved online service. It would replace the current Nintendo Wifi Connection for online gaming. Although I don't have much evidence but I believe it would be able to compete with the Playstation Network and XBOX Live.

Nintendo also plans to launch a website to go with the Nintendo Network to configure your personal settings. I'm not really sure what this means but it sounds like Nintendo is finally going to go to the next level of online gaming.

From what I heard both the 3DS and WiiU will be using the Nintendo Network.

My Love Nintendo youtube video intro sequance

Most youtubers and other video makers have intro titles for most of there videos and so I decided to make one for my new youtube channel. I plan to put this intro at the beginning of my videos I post on my channel and of course you will be updated here as well when I add new videos.

Wii U Dev Kits in Final Form

Wii U Dev Kits In Final Form

It has just come to my attention that the Wii U dev kits are now in their final form and are in the hands of developers. This means video game developers can now go at the games they are making for the upcoming Wii U at full force. They should also have a better idea of how the Wii U controllers work and how multiple ones can be used (if possible).

About six months ago we have heard there were some problems with the dev kits for the Wii U and now those issues should be fixed. Now it is only a matter of time before we hear more about the console and upcoming games.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kid Icarus Uprising (Coming Soon)

Kid Icarus has been a favorite game of mine for years, and other than a squeal on the Game Boy yours ago there hasn't been another Kid Icarus title for almost 20 years.
Kid Icarus Uprising Title

Now in a few months a new game in the series, Kid Icarus Uprising, will be released. However there seem to be a few people who are not liking the new game.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Fix To Mario Kart 7, Maka Wuhu Glitch

(Update, they have since announced a patch to fix this glitch)

Nintendo's latest installment of the famous Mario Kart series known simply as Mario Kart 7 happens to contain a rather unappealing glitch. This glitch causes a huge shortcut in the Maka Wuhu track one of the courses under the Star Cup.
Metal Mario From Mario Kart 7 on the Maka Wuhu track.

Now I sometimes like glitches they can be pretty fun sometimes, this one is too easy to utilize and anyone who doesn't use it has pretty much no chance of beating someone who does. Now I would sometimes use such glitches in games but only for fun and never for a competition. However there are people who would use such a glitch and since Mario Kart 7 has an online mode I can't do anything about those that take this cheating shortcut.

Nintendo has since become aware of this glitch and I'm sure they looked into how to fix it. Unfortunately they have announced that they are not going to fix this giant shortcut creating glitch in Mario Kart 7 Maka Wuhu track. They have said that doing so would create a disadvantage to those that get the fix against the ones that don't.
Metal Mario starting to make an attempt at the glitch seen in Mario Kart 7 Maka Wuhu course.

Now since Nintendo announced this I guess some people are disappointed that it won't be fixed, but

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rumor: Nintendo Working On Two New Zelda Games Both For 3DS

The Legend of Zelda 3DS Duo?
It seems a rumor is spreading that the next Legend of Zelda game for the 3DS will actually be two games. These games will be similar to the two Oracle games back on the Game Boy Color (Ages and Seasons) at they will have some sort of connectivity to each other as those games did.

Now this is only a rumor the only bit of proof being the above image which a lot of people online can make easily. So we really don't have enough to actually expect anything as this may not even be real and my sources aren't even putting much stock into this.
I started with Zelda Oracle of Seasons. Which did you start with?

However, even though there is no real evidence I can predict a little how this concept could work, and it's actually an improvement over the Game Boy Color Zelda games in a couple ways.

First, better connectivity. This can be improved using the StreetPass ability of the 3DS.