Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Donkey Kong and Kirby May Be Heading To the 3DS

Donkey Kong Country 3d Kirby 3d
Donkey Kong and Kirby! I hope they come.

I have recently read some articles saying that Donkey Kong and Kirby may have some games coming to the 3DS, although these are just rumors but I would love them to be true.

From what I heard Nintendo is always trying stuff out with Kirby, most of which never get far. They even tried a 3D roaming experiment but I heard it didn’t do well, although I would love to see one like that, perhaps they were able to make it work on the 3DS, that’ll be nice.

As for the Donkey Kong one, I would love something similar to Donkey Kong 64. I loved exploring the 3 dimensional worlds that Rare came out with, too bad Rare left Nintendo so we could never get a sequel to it.

Yeah I would love these things to be true, but since these are only rumors they might not happen.

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