Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kid Icarus Uprising: My First Day Experience With The Game

Kid Icarus Upring title logo 3ds handheld video game

Kid Icarus Upring nintendo 3ds handheld
Before I begin I must first tell you this isn’t a review, it’s more of me talking about my first day playing the game and how I felt about it. Because of I just got the game yesterday the excitement factor has yet to die down yet.

Kid Icarus Uprising is finally here, and I got my copy from Amazon yesterday and played quite a bit of it, getting all the way past chapter 10. Each chapter contains three segments always starting with a flying segment where you shoot down enemies. After that you move on to a land battle segment where you shoot and melee your opponents trying to make your way through a temple or town. The final segment is an intense boss battle against powerful foes.

Pit angle video game flight

The flying segments are amazing with stunning visuals and locations. The controls for these segments are pretty well done and refined allowing for some great action. It didn’t take long for me to get accustomed to this segment, but it’ll take more time to master.

The controls used for the flying segment are the same used in land battle and boss battles, with very little differences. The biggest difference is that you can now control the camera as well. By sliding your styles across the screen you not only moves were your aiming but also the camera and quick slides are used for quick turns of the camera. This took some time to get used to and a good way to understand it is to think of it like spinning a globe, it’s pretty similar.

space kraken pirate ship boss battle video game
The boss battles are the same as land battles except you’re now facing a boss, and these bosses are huge and powerful.

I learned all of the basics in the first level without it being a boring level whose only purpose is for you to learn the controls, you know the type of levels you just want to get over with as soon as possible. I got to really enjoy the game as I learned how to play it; although there is a video you can watch that’ll explain how to play as well. I did watch that first.

The difficulty of the game is quite balanced and interesting. You can spend the hearts you collect to either make the chapter easier or harder. The default difficulty is set to 3.0 a great place to start, this is the difficulty I used for the first chapter and with it I could get a feel of needing a better challenge. It was my first play and it was difficult because I never played before, but I knew I was quickly getting the hang of it.

Gamers like an increasing challenge as they get better and better at a game and with the ability to change the difficulty it makes it quite enjoyable. The intensity ranges from 1.0 (Easiest) to 9.0 (I’m Finished), the .0 is included as you can pick numbers in that decimal as well like 5.4 which is around the difficulty I’m currently using. The higher the difficulty the better rewards you can get, but you’ll lose some you picked up if you died, the difficulty will also decrease by 1.0 each time you die as well. This means you’ll have to beat the difficulty without dying to claim you beat that difficulty.

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