Thursday, March 29, 2012

Addressing the Power Rumors of the Wii U

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It’s been several months since Nintendo officially revealed the Wii U at E3 2011 last year, and well, it’s hard to say if the criticism has been good. It seems that the developers who have gotten their hands on the dev kits used to make the games for the new console can’t make up their minds over how powerful the console is. Some say it’s as powerful as its competitors the Xbox 360 and PS3 while others say it’s either slightly less powerful or more powerful than them.

So we really don’t know how powerful the console is, but even though I can’t be sure, I think I know what’s causing this problem. You see, the Wii U controller has a touch screen, this means that the processor has to process for this screen as well, not just for your television.
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Since developers have their own styles and ways to create games, some of them might not be using the controller at all. This allows the processor to concentrate more on one screen instead of two, which could make it more powerful, perhaps even twice as powerful.

Now I highly doubt Nintendo would make a console that didn’t make any sort of leap in video games, so we can assume that the console will be quite powerful. The rumors of the Wii U being weaker could be coming from developer trying too hard; using the touch screen controller as well would definitely put some strain on the processor, especially if you’re trying to get top quality video on both.

Furthermore, since the Wii U touch screen controller is wireless it would work the processor even more especially since you’re trying to get an image or video on it. Any high quality HD image or video would take a lot of data, so it wouldn’t be easy to do.

So in all, I think it’s a developer getting to know how to use the console over how powerful the console is.

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