Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why No Pokemon MMO?

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Since its debut back on the original Game Boy, Pokemon has become an international icon expanding further than anyone would imagine. This series has spanned across multiple generations of handhelds with its simple “Gotta Catch Em All” style of gaming, also spawning a Japanese anime that’s still going on, and tons of merchandise.

When Pokemon was first released MMO (Mass Multiplayer Online) wasn’t even around yet, even when MMOs finally did come around we knew we wouldn’t see a Pokemon MMO as we knew home consoles couldn’t handle those things at the time. We also knew Nintendo wouldn’t go and make one for computers, they were too busy making top tier titles for their home consoles and they wouldn’t let some other company just take one of their franchises to do whatever they wanted, not after what happened with the Phillips CDi.

We had to put our desire for a Pokemon MMO adventure away for years (decades in video game years). Soon after the Wii was released and we got a feel for its online ability, are desire for a Pokemon MMO had returned. We then started going on how a Pokemon MMO would be the greatest thing ever, and we started to beg Nintendo to make one! Unfortunately we all knew that the Wii still wasn’t powerful enough to handle an MMO, it could barely handle the online games it already had.

Since it has been so long, the younger games wondered why they didn’t just have it made for computers. These young gamers were unaware of the atrocity of the Zelda CDi games that Phillips created. We more experience in the history of video games had to tell the tales of the dreaded CDi to them, and how Nintendo couldn’t just make a game for computers. This left the young gamers depressed over how what could be the greatest game, may never come to be.
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But now it’s 2012, and Nintendo has revealed a new home console, the Wii U, with more power than before. They even announced they are working hard on a better online line feature, one that could compete with the online features of its competitors.

Could this be the console we’ve been waiting for?

Does the Wii U have what it takes to run a Pokemon MMO?

Is a Pokemon MMO already in development?

Are they even considering a Pokemon MMO?

These are just some of the questions we have been asking ourselves. We just don’t know, but what we do know, our desire for a Pokemon MMO has never been stronger.

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