Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3 Things I’d Like To See In A Super Mario 3D Land Sequel

Super Mario 3D Land Sequel
3 Things I'd Like To See In A Super Mario 3D Land Sequel

Inclusion Of Yoshi:
Yoshi Super Mario Universe
I would love to find a Yoshi egg.

One of the most loved creatures in the Super Mario universe as our beloved dinosaur/dragon Yoshi. This guy first helped us in the Super Nintendo classic Super Mario World, and even came in different colors with different unique abilities.

Yoshi has always added that extra fun factor when it came to the Mario universe, unfortunately are cute little Yoshi’s were nowhere to be seen in Mario’s latest adventure on the 3DS. Add Yoshi to this game would allow for much more excitement, especially if done like Super Mario World and not necessary to complete the levels.

Tougher Levels:
3D Airship Level Doomship

One of the things that disappointed gamers was the lack of tough challenges. The game started with a decent difficulty and the intensity increased as you went through the game, but it wasn’t until you got to the special worlds that the difficulty really started getting good. Even after that it didn’t seem to get much further, so it would be nice if a sequel was a little harder.

A New Story:
Wart Game End Boss

It’s hard to admit but the old story of rescuing Princess Peach whose been kidnapped by Bowser is getting a little old, so I could go with a new story and maybe a new enemy. I know it’s been do in other Mario games, but it hasn’t really been done in the mainstream ones. Unless you count Wart but that was an adopted Mario title, although maybe he could come back as the end boss.

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