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Pichu; Chibi Pokedex Entry

Pichu; Chibi Pokedex Entry

Pichu Spring by ~CarinaT on deviantART
Pichu is a tiny mouse Pokemon and is the pre evolved form of the series mascot Pikachu. Despite its small size it can release bursts of electricity to shock even shock human. However, Pichu are unskilled at controlling their electricity and can sometimes accidently release it when surprised or startled. Because Pichu haven’t got much experience with their electricity they often shock themselves when they use it.

Pichu Power by ~JezzTheHedgehog on deviantART

There have been a few special Pichu during the long run of the series including a Spiky Ear Pichu, Pikachu Colored Pichu, as well as the Pichu Brothers. The Japanese Pokemon Anime even had end credits featuring the different Pichu on numerous occasions.

Although they can be timid at first, Pichu love to play with other Pokemon and be quite friendly with them.  When they play with other Pichu their electricity may short out causing a spark, in this event they will begin crying, startled by the flash of sparks. In the anime however,  Pichu can be seen doing this intentionally when they touch their tails together, in this event they are not startled and actually enjoy it, probably as a sign of some sort as this has only been seen between Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu.

In the game Pichu are not found in the wild as they usually avoid humans, although the can be found in the Trophy Garden and Safari Zone in certain games, however it’s believed they are brought there as they are not native to those regions. Pichu along with its evolved forms are only native to the Kanto Region.

PICHU by ~sailor-syaoran on deviantART

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