Thursday, March 22, 2012

E3 Is Coming Soon; Let's Make Some Predictions

Nintendo E3 2012

The biggest gaming event is coming soon, and I can hardly wait. To past the time I'm going to make some predictions. This is just for some fun and not to be taken seriously.

Let's start off with the Nintendo Wii; to go out with a bang they'll announce that they'll release one final game for it. This game will be another Wii Sports, but will include new sports like; cricket and skateboarding. In order to play some of the games like skateboarding, you'll need a Wii Balance Board. The locations of the game will be Wuhu Island, Crescent Island and Little States, the last two being modified versions of locations in PilotWings 64.

Next they’ll move on to some new titles for their 3DS handhelds, starting with titles from 3rd party developers. These will feature a first person shooter, an adventure, and a RPG game.

Nintendo will then announce two upcoming 3DS titles their developing. The first is a new Star Fox (cheers) and a new Legend of Zelda.

Star Fox StarFox 3DS Nintendo E3 2012 Title
Thanks naviechance for this image

The Star Fox title will be build upon Star Fox 64, using its alternate routes system and controls. This time you can play as different characters (not just Fox), each pilot plays slightly different with differences in; shielding, firepower, and mobility. These differences are similar to those seen in Star Fox Command on the DS. The villain this time is Andross’s brother, and involves an old experiment gone wrong.

The Zelda style won’t use the control scheme from the previous DS titles, and instead use the older style seen in older Zelda titles such as “The Minish Cap” and “A Link To The Past”. It will also use the classic top down style but sometimes change perspective.  Unfortunately they won’t give us any further information on the title, not even giving a release date.

After Nintendo finishes with the Wii and 3DS they will move on to their Wii U, stating by giving the release date. Not making the same mistake as with the 3DS, they reveal several top class titles to be ready at release. These titles they reveal have been confirmed to be ready at the consoles release and not around its release.

New Super Mario Brothers Mii NSMB E3 2012

The first title they show off is New Super Mario Brothers Mii. Originally just a tech demo to show off their console, they decided to turn it into a full game for their console due to the lessons they learned from the

3DS. The game features 3 new power ups:
(I couldn’t think of any to put down here)
 As well as returning ones:
And Tanooki
These suits work just like they did in previous Mario titles. The Tanooki suit will be a super rare item that you can only win in some events that happen through Spot Pass and Street Pass.

They’ll also announce 2 new titles that they hope will catch on to become a new series. One of the two titles will be a platform/adventure that looks like a cross between Mario and Zelda, and the other one being a new puzzle game.

After that they will close the show by revealing that a Pokemon MMO is being developed.

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