Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nintendo Sells 4.5 Million 3DS Units In It's First Year

It may of started out weak, but Nintendo's newest handheld the 3DS has sold 4.5 million hardware units in it's first year. That's quite an amazing feat, as the DS only sold 2.37 million in it's first year.

At first it looked bad for Nintendo as they struggled to sell there newest console, finally having to cut the price to increase sales, but after awhile the bigger games started to come out and it started selling fast.

Nintendo 3DS
This is a 3DS
With many more first and third party titles on the way, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says that he expects a bright future for the glasses free 3D handheld. He also stated that there just getting started and that the platform was build for the long haul.

Some of the titles that helped boost sales where Mario Kart 7, Super Mario Land 3D, Monster Hunter 3G, as well as many others. With even more great title on the way it doesn't seem like this little system will stop any time soon.

The 3DS was released on March 27, 2011 so we got about two and a half weeks before it's first birthday.

The Nintendo 3DS also managed to sell 9 million software titles in it's first year, beating the DS's 5 million. Although even with the success of the console there are still people bashing on the success.

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