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Top Five Favorite Pokemon

Originally posted on chibi creations, this article has been uploaded here as well. I uploaded it here because this is my Nintendo related blog and chibi creations is my art blog.

5. Garchomp
Garchomp dragon ground pokemon

What do you get when you cross a European dragon and a hammerhead shark? You may just get a Pokemon known as Garchomp.

Garchomp is the final form of Gible after evolving from a Gabite at level 48. It has both Dragon and Ground attributes and a lot of power to go with it. Although it can't actually learn Fly it can actually fly as seen in the anime, It's Poke'dex entry also confirms this.

Garchomp And pokemon champion CynthiaI like Garchomp not only for it's tough appearance but also because it's a part ground type, even though that does remove most of it's resistances.

Garchomp was also the main battling Pokemon of Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh region.

4. Lucario
Lucario fighting steel type pokemon

Lucario is a fighting/steel Pokemon that has the unique ability to use an internal energy called aura (aura being one of the types of energies believed by some to flow throughout the body). Lucario can use this energy to unleash some powerful attacks such as Force Palm and Aura Sphere.

Lucario Arua Pokemon Fighting Steel dual type
Lucario's attack and special attack are almost even allowing him to easily use both kinds of attacks in battle. This was the reason mine knew two fighting type attacks, one physical and one special allowing me to target the opposing Pokemons weaker defensive stat in battle.

Lucario has resistance to most Pokemon types and no times 4 weaknesses, allowing him to be useful in most battle situations.

3. Dragonite
Dragonite Dragon Rage Pokemon Flying

Dragonite and it's prevolutions were the first dragon type Pokemon in the series and have been around since the first generation (Red/Blue/Green (Japan only)/Yellow). One could only obtain a Dragonite either by trade or by training a Dratini then Dragonair to a high level before it evolves into Dragonite.

Despite it's appearance, Dragonite is actually quite fast and agile. Losing it's serpent like form after evolving it has grown arms and legs.

Dragonite flying dragon pokemon hyper beam attack
Dragonite is a very strong Pokemon with no fear of Ground type attacks. Rock and Dragon type attacks will do double damage to Dragonite, but the biggest threat comes from Ice type attacks. Dragonite is my favorite of the Dragon type Pokemon.

Dragonite was also the main battling Pokemon of Lance, the champion of the Kanto region.

2. Gyarados
Gyarados Water Flying

Gyarados is a powerhouse with powerful attacks to go with it. Although it wasn't until Generation 4 (Pearl/Diamond/Platinum) when Gyarados was truly able to use it's power, do to the change on how physical and special attacks worked.
Gyarados Flying Water Pokemon dual type

When I got Pokemon Platinum, as soon as I could get a Magikarp I began training it to evolve. Once I got it to evolve into Gyarados and learn a few good moves I was ready to take out anyone who stood in my way. She soon became my most powerful Pokemon able to defeat the most powerful of opponents on her own, even members of the Elite Four.

Gyarados water flying dual type pokemon
Gyarados has many strengths, resistant to a lot of types and unaffected by ground attacks. Only two types can stand a chance against this Pokemon, although rock type attacks do double damage against it they are not a huge threat since rock Pokemon usually have low speed allowing Gyarados to hit it with a powerful water attack first likely knocking it out in one hit. Electric Pokemon however can be a scare, with there usual high speed they may get to strike first and do times 4 damage, so watch out for electric types even if you have earthquake you may not get a chance to use it.

Gyarados is by far the scariest Pokemon on this list.

Whose That Pokemon?

1. Pichu
Spiky Ear Pichu electric baby pokemon

Introduced in Generation 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal), Pichu is a baby Pokemon that evolves into Pikachu when it levels up with high happiness.

Spiky Ear Pichu crying electric baby pokemonOriginally Junichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori wanted to create a Pokemon that would replace Pikachu, but had difficulties coming up with an appealing design. They then decided to create a Pokemon that would evolve into Pikachu instead. Masuda has also stated that Pichu was his favorite Pokemon.

Pichu isn't known for battle and isn't of much use in the video games, so your probably wondering why I chose it as my favorite Pokemon. Well I just love it for it's design and it's playful personality.

And there you have my top five favorite Pokemon, don't forget to tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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