Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fan Trailer For Next Zelda On Wii U

Recently people and websites have been talking about a recent Zelda Fan Trailer that's been posted on YouTube. Although the trailer is interesting and fun to watch, the concepts used would be impossible for a good video game. In fact I'd same it's more suited to be a movie/anime with what was shown.

When I first watched it I was thinking it would be more of a possibility or a new Zelda video game. However the environments didn't look good to me and it seemed to play like a sidescroller than the normal Zelda titles. That's not to say that a sidescrolling Zelda is a bad thing, Zelda 2 The Adventure Of Link was an awsome game, but with the graphics used and the way Link went through them made me feel that if they made a Zelda title like this it would be more like a revamp of The legend of Zelda The Faces Of Evil on the Philips Cdi.

Yes I said it, I don't feel the concept of what was shown in the video to be Zelda worthy and is more suited to be a Cdi Zelda based on the Wind Waker Link. However when I think about it as a video and not a game it can be pretty inspiring as an animated series or a movie.

So in all this Fan Trailer is good as a video but not a game.

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