Thursday, February 16, 2012

Analysis; Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screenshots Vol. 2

Continuing from the last Analysis, we have more screenshots from Sonic 4 Episode 2. If you wish to read the first Volume then click here.

Sonic 4 episode 2 screenshot
Night at the Aquatic Ruins Zone
1. One Shield Two Heroes
In this screenshot from Sonic 4 Episode 2 we have Sonic and Tails in what looks to be a shield of some sort, but when I took a closer look it seemed more like a graphical effect caused while doing a combo move. I've come to this conclusion do to both characters being in there (which is unusual for a shield in the Sonic Series) and it looks more like a speed effect caused by super fast spinning when looked at closely.

2. Aquatic Ruins Zone At Night
I already talked about the Aquatic Ruins  Zone graphic look last time and here we see it again, this time at night or possibly late evening. A similar thing happened in Sonic 4
Episode 1 where the 3rd act in one of the Zones took place at a different time of day then the others.

Sonic 4 & Tails
Sonic runs no matter the weather
1. Snow Zone
We get this nice screenshot of Sonic and Tails running through a snow covered landscape.This reminds me of Ice Cap Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

2. Christmas Lights
The lights on the trees are nice decorations, giving the impression that Christmas is near, however that might no be the reason behind them. The reason might have to do with the next Sonic 4 screenshot.

3. Roller coaster
On the right hand side of the image we can see what looks to be a roller coaster.

Sonic 4 episode 2
Sonic doesn't need a car when he rides a roller coaster
1. Carnival Roller Coaster
At first sight it my look like a Roller Coaster theme Zone, but since there are trees with snow on them in the background and that the Roller Coaster was shown in the background of the earlier image suggests that this is just part of the snow type Zone. This means that the Roller Coaster part could just be small parts of the acts or take one complete act in the Zone.

2. Tails Carrying Sonic
We also see here that Tails is flying, carrying Sonic with him. This seems to be another technique the two can do when together. A clue to this is below them seems to be the top of the sign I believed to be the help sign seen in one of the screenshots in the last post.

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  1. OH NOOOO!!! i think it's... it's CARNIVAL NIGHT ZONE!!! the barrels might be BACK!!!!