Friday, January 27, 2012

Nintendo's Console the Wii U may be changing it's name

It seems a lot of people aren't liking Nintendo's choice of name for the Wii U, and it seems Nintendo may be doing something about it.

When Nintendo revealed the name at last years E3, they told people that they chose the name Wii U because they were hoping people would notice it better without being pushed away by how different it was(or something like that), but it seems it has instead confused some people. Some think that it's like some sort of add on for the Wii and don't know that it's a completely new console. This seems to be the same case for the 3DS as people think that's just a new model.

I actually have to side with changing the name of the Wii U. I know it's a new console to be released later this year, but the name really isn't good. I understand want they wanted with the name, trying to keep it simple and say that it's for the player (which is what the U stood for), but it doesn't have that new console sound.

So tell me, what do you think they should rename the console too?

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