Friday, January 20, 2012

Kid Icarus Uprising (Coming Soon)

Kid Icarus has been a favorite game of mine for years, and other than a squeal on the Game Boy yours ago there hasn't been another Kid Icarus title for almost 20 years.
Kid Icarus Uprising Title

Now in a few months a new game in the series, Kid Icarus Uprising, will be released. However there seem to be a few people who are not liking the new game.

Kid Icarus Uprising doesn't focus on platforming like it's prequels and shooting is a mush bigger part of the game this time, but you have to take this with some thought. Kid Icarus is a series that had no chance to evolve over the years with new games, so with a new game for the 3DS coming from the NES is going to need a lot of changes. Just like when games went from 2D environments on the Super NES to the 3D environments on the Nintendo 64, a lot of changes were made to series such as Mario and Zelda.

I have not yet got a chance to play Kid Icarus Uprising but I have seen the video demos and gameplay online. From what I've seen the game looks quite good and I'm looking forward to getting it when it's released.

For now I got a trailer for you from IGN and I've also taken some screen shots from the video for you to look at.

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