Monday, January 16, 2012

Rumor: Nintendo Working On Two New Zelda Games Both For 3DS

The Legend of Zelda 3DS Duo?
It seems a rumor is spreading that the next Legend of Zelda game for the 3DS will actually be two games. These games will be similar to the two Oracle games back on the Game Boy Color (Ages and Seasons) at they will have some sort of connectivity to each other as those games did.

Now this is only a rumor the only bit of proof being the above image which a lot of people online can make easily. So we really don't have enough to actually expect anything as this may not even be real and my sources aren't even putting much stock into this.
I started with Zelda Oracle of Seasons. Which did you start with?

However, even though there is no real evidence I can predict a little how this concept could work, and it's actually an improvement over the Game Boy Color Zelda games in a couple ways.

First, better connectivity. This can be improved using the StreetPass ability of the 3DS.
You walk around town for awhile and when you turn on the game you find out you walked by someone with the version you don't have and that can unlock secret items or an area where a secret item is hidden. I think it would be interesting as you would actually have to go on a quest to find someone with the opposite game to get them, instead of beating your version starting the next find codes and bring it to the other.

Second, instead of just getting the secret item as stated above, you would have to compete for it against the person you walked past and only the winner get's the secret item. This would make it seem like a real quest, and they could also make it if you lose you lose one of your secret items. This way players won't be taking a dive when they got them all, they would have to try there best to protect there treasure.

The Legend of Zelda is brought to you by Nintendo

Back in the day when The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons came out, I got Seasons as my brother got Ages. This would of worked out if my brother only knew how to dance to the beat. Yes my brother sucked at the Goron Dance in Ages so we couldn't connect the two after I beat Seasons.

After a long while of my brother tripping over his own feet at the Goron Dance I was finally able to borrow his Oracle of Ages version. To my surprise the puzzles were harder then in my Oracle of Seasons version, but I was still able to complete the game way before he ever did (speaking of, did he ever beat it?).

In all I would actually like a new Zelda Oracle connectivity style game for my 3DS, I think it would be a lot of fun. So yes I would like this rumor to be true. Although I do have one request Nintendo,

I'm not a fan of this incarnation of Impa

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