Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Fix To Mario Kart 7, Maka Wuhu Glitch

(Update, they have since announced a patch to fix this glitch)

Nintendo's latest installment of the famous Mario Kart series known simply as Mario Kart 7 happens to contain a rather unappealing glitch. This glitch causes a huge shortcut in the Maka Wuhu track one of the courses under the Star Cup.
Metal Mario From Mario Kart 7 on the Maka Wuhu track.

Now I sometimes like glitches they can be pretty fun sometimes, this one is too easy to utilize and anyone who doesn't use it has pretty much no chance of beating someone who does. Now I would sometimes use such glitches in games but only for fun and never for a competition. However there are people who would use such a glitch and since Mario Kart 7 has an online mode I can't do anything about those that take this cheating shortcut.

Nintendo has since become aware of this glitch and I'm sure they looked into how to fix it. Unfortunately they have announced that they are not going to fix this giant shortcut creating glitch in Mario Kart 7 Maka Wuhu track. They have said that doing so would create a disadvantage to those that get the fix against the ones that don't.
Metal Mario starting to make an attempt at the glitch seen in Mario Kart 7 Maka Wuhu course.

Now since Nintendo announced this I guess some people are disappointed that it won't be fixed, but
let's look at it logically. Nintendo's never been one to force there customers into something so players of Mario Kart 7 would get the option of getting the fix or not. Also not everyone can use Wifi anytime they want, so if they can't get somewhere where they can download the fix then they could still use the glitch in Local Play.

Finally Nintendo may not even have the option to force the fix at all due to protecting software. Even with downloads there are some channels to go through and one way to best avoid viruses is to ask the user to integrate downloaded material before doing so. Sure the 3DS may download extra stuff all the time but it always asks before integrating it, this makes downloading so much safer cause it tells you what your integrating before hand and if it doesn't look right you shouldn't integrate it and report it to Nintendo.
Metal Mario diving into the water to create the glitch on Wuhu Island.

Finally if your looking for how to do the glitch it's quite simple. Right after the first segment on the Maka Wuhu course you'll come to a cave area. At the entrance to the cave you'll see to your left (right in Mirror Mode) that there's a fence keeping you from going into water. However this fence stops at the cave entrance, this allows one to drive of the road and if you manage to drive into the water you'll respond at the part of the track above the section you were just on.
The shortcut finished so goodbye.

In the video I had to try it a couple times, for some reason the glitch wasn't activating but eventually it did. Part of the video has been sped up to save time and file size.

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