Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pros & Cons of the Zelda WiiU Tech Demo

I love The Legend Of Zelda always have. And at last years E3 when Nintendo showed off there new upcoming console the WiiU, they also showed off a interesting Tech Demo of The Legend Of Zelda in gorgeous full 1080p HD.

Now this Zelda is not a video game in any way so don't think of it as the next Legend of Zelda, but as what the next one may look like. It doesn't mean it will look like it, just that it could. Remember in when they showed a tech demo of Zelda for the GameCube and then we ended up with something completely different.

What we saw.
What we got

The Zelda tech demo once again showcases a right handed Link which causes a lot of complaints from lefties. Well let me tell you, most left handed people also have good control with their right hand, Shigeru Miyamoto for example is left handed but is also able to switch to his right hand when needed. Also most people in the world are actually right handed so making Link right handed for motion control gaming is actually the better choice.

As stated before the Demo was in full HD with incredible graphics and impressive physics. Now you didn't control Link in the demo but you were able to control the camera and the time of day which you were able to switch between in real time.

The particle effects shown in the Tech Demo were outstanding, they gave of a fantasy like feel which I think is important for a Zelda title. However even though the torches themselves looked great, the light they created didn't cast shadows or effect the shadows already present. I did like the effects of the water, when the giant spider put one of it's feet in it created a splash and then some ripples in the water.

The tech demo also showed a reflection on the floor which reflected great. Now I'm gonna let that slide since it's a tech demo to showcase the hardware, Yes if it was a actual game I would have to say differently. The reflection on the floor was too good as if someone polished the floor but since the spider crash in the dust should of made it not so reflective and there should also be areas in the floor that are more reflective then others because of this. Then again I'm just nit picking but it's to help developers.
Here are some screen shots from the above video.
“zelda “wiiu
“tech “tech
“wiiu “wiiu
“playing “next
“upcoming “zelda

Well That's all I got for this right now, Till we meet again.

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