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Top 5 Favorite Chapters in Kid Icarus Uprising

Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS is an amazing game. With great levels and some good voice acting, yes a Nintendo title with good voice acting, it’s currently my most favorite game. Now with so many great levels, called chapters, it was tough picking my top 5 favorite ones, but I managed in the end. So let's get to the countdown.

Warning, Spoiler Alert!!!

Chapter 15: Mysterious Invaders
Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

Starting at dawn, are hero Pit is awoken from bed for an emergency situation. We then see some sort of Flying Island in the distance destroying the Earth, but they’re not just destroying the planet, their harvesting whole sections of it. 

But who or what are these things; all we know is that they’re not from around here. Incomes a little backup is Pyrrhon the Sun God, who tells us that those things are called the Arum and that floating hunk of rock is just one of their bases and their here to harvest the entire planet. This news angers Viridi and Hades as they decide on a temporary cease fire with each other and team up to take out these invaders.

Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

This chapter reminds me of Space Invaders for obvious reasons, but the Arum also reminds me of the Borg from Star Trek. After all, they are also a well-coordinated group with a hive mind and no free will. I feel they will try and assimilate me into one of them.

Chapter 1: The Return of Palutena
Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

Kid Icarus Uprising actually has one of the best first levels of any game I’ve played. Although you can start of by watching the how to play videos (recommended), this stage actually covers them as well as you play without interrupting the game. 

The chapter itself is pretty straight forward, perfectly fitting for the first level. It even sets the story off nicely as we meet Medusa, although it’s just a 3D image created by her power, you know the kind of image all Gods can do. Even the land battle segment is good and straight forward, perfect for getting use to the controls.

Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters
You may think that the level is pretty easy and it is, but thanks to the Fiends Cauldron we can amp up the difficulty to an impressive challenge. That just happens to be the best thing about the game, instead of just easy, normal, and hard, we get no challenge to intense as well as everything in between. So not only is this a great level for the first time players, it’s also a great level for the more advanced players who can come back to this chapter and try it on a harder difficulty.

Chapter 13: The Lunar Sanctum
Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

After dealing a massive blow against Viridi we know have to deal with one of her commanders and he possesses the Lunar Sanctum, a massive orbiting place that reminds me of the Death Star from the classic sci-fi movie Star Wars. Just like the Death Star the Lunar Sanctum comes equipped with a massive laser cannon which commander Arlon uses to try and take down are hero Pit.
Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

But it’s not just the outside of the Lunar Sanctum that reminds me of Star Wars, many of the areas inside look like some of the locations seen in the movie as well. Even the music you listen to in this chapter sounds like it could fit in the classic sci-fi movie.

Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

Commander Arlon also has a flare for visual trickery as he uses holograms to try and confuse his opponents. Even Dark Pit gets called in on the action as we fight him at about the halfway point. This is a really good level and could have ranked even higher if not for the next two entries.

Chapter 22: Scorched Feathers
Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

This here is where the pieces of the story come together as we fly through the Underworld and the City of Lost Souls. But the story for this chapter continues right after the end of the last so I’ll have to cover how that ended first. 
Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

Basically at the end of the last chapter Dark Pit was in danger of being taken over and Pit jumped into action to try and save him. Unfortunately Pit had already used the power of flight, but he didn’t care and forced Viridi to activate it once again. Thus Pit’s wings burnt up as he managed to save his copy who helped him in the battle beforehand.

With Pit’s wings burnt up, Pit is slowly dying, so Dark Pit has to go and save him as he cannot live without him. Since Dark Pit’s flying is unlimited there is no land battle segment in this chapter.

Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters
As Dark Pit flies through the Underworld and the City of Lost Souls some important dialogue is spoken between Dark Pit, the Goddess of Light Palutena, the Goddess of Nature Viridi, and the lord of the Underworld Hyades. This conversation ends up bringing the plot together as we learn of Hyades true scheme.

Don’t think it’s over once you make it to your destination, you still have a boss fight with someone you won’t expect, but I’ll leave you to find out who it is on your own.

Chapter 6 Dark Pit
Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

Although not the most intense of chapters, I’ve chosen this as my favorite for how much fun this one is to play. Not only do the characters get into some good dialogue but the dialogue between them is hilarious. You could just listen to the characters talk and still enjoy it.

But it’s not just the dialogue; the background music is my favorite song in the whole game. It’s an incredible guitar theme perfectly fitting for long battle you have with Dark Pit throughout the chapter. This song is so good I’ll just listen to it alone sometimes and it doesn’t lose any of its epic flavors. In fact this song alone could put it near the top of this list, but when you add in the rest of the level…
Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising Chapters

The chapter starts with it being a one on one fight between Pit and Dark Pit, but it doesn’t take long for Medusa to add her army to the mix. Now it becomes a 1 on 1 on an army. Luckily Dark Pit doesn’t side with Medusa and fight them as well as you even grabbing on to one of the monsters that has a long ranged beam attack and uses that on Pit.

After the air battle segment we come to a ruined temple, this temple uses a slightly modified Dark Pit’s Theme. Here we have to find Dark Pit and defeat him three times, however the first two times are in random locations that you have to find. To find him you should follow Medusa’s army as they are also trying to take him out. Be careful, depending on the location Dark Pit will use different weapons to give him an advantage.

Top 5 Kid Icarus Uprising ChaptersThe third battle against Dark Pit is also our Boss fight of the chapter, and each time it will be on the floating islands above the fountain. Here he’ll be using a bow weapon but he won’t be afraid to come in close either. Watch out as he has a special attack, if a light circle shows up on the platform you’re on, get off before he unleashes a mighty blow.

The music for this last part also changes, but once again it’s a slightly modified version of the song we’ve been listening too. This actually doesn’t bore me as since the songs are slightly different the feel changes to match the situation perfectly, which to me actually make them better.

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