Thursday, September 12, 2013

Classic NES Games - Kirbys Adventure - WILD AND CRAZY KIRBY GAME PLAY - ...

Classic NES Games - Kirbys Adventure - Video Specific title - Part 1



Kirbys Adventure is a well known classic NES game in the platform genre. It's one of the many old school games that are still enjoyable to play today. The main goal of this amazing NES game is to simply get to the end of each stage by literally eating your enemies and stealing their special powers.

The enemies are led by the somewhat evil King Dedede to stop you from returning the legendary Star Rod to the fountain of dreams. Without the Star Rod in the fountain of dreams everyone is unable to dream, for it is the Star Rod that protects peoples dreams.

Kirbys Adventure is a fun game for kids and adults to enjoy, and one of my favorite platform and adventure games out there. You to can play Kirbys Adventure by purchasing it for your own NES Console, or by downloading it from the Wii Virtual Console or 3DS eShop as a 3D Classic.

This is not the only Kirby game that's great to play, their are several other Kirby games that are great as well.

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